Product information

Easyriser is the chair for those who have problem with rising and sitting down in a normal chair. When you sit down and lean backwards in Easyriser the chair will slowly fall back, and the bodyweight is stored in the chair when sitting. When you lean forward the chair will slowly rise, and when fully upright it is easy to stand up. It functions without electricity or cables. You just sit down and rise.

One size fits all

Easyrisers wooden legs are adjustable in height. This way it does not matter if you are short or tall. It is also possible to adjust the sitting to a more or less reclined position. This enables everybody to optimal seat comfort!

Removable cover

Easyriser is made with removable cover and the fabric can be washed in 60 degrees.


  • 16 Beige
  • 76 Havana
  • Lido 83 Rouge
  • 61 Wine Red
  • 96 Bright Green
  • 12 Ocean
  • Lido 129 Sabine grey

Artificial leather

  • Select 01 Röd
  • Select 26 Cognac
  • Select 04 Svart