Easyriser - Makes rising easy

Easyriser is the chair for those who have problems with rising and sitting down in a normal armchair. The body weight is stored in the chair when sitting and released when rising. It functions without electricity or cables. You just sit down and rise. Take a seat and feel the difference!

Easyriser is made with removable cover. Our standard fabrics can be washed in 60 degrees. We can also offer seat cushions that do not absorb liquid. Due to the flexibility of the chair and its adjustment possibilities, it offers optimal seat comfort no matter if you are short or tall.

No.1 Choice in elderly care

Benefits for patients:

The feeling of independence strongly improves when you are able to sit down and rise without assistance. It has also been proved that if rising from a seat can be done more easily, the level of everyday motion increases to great benefit for the health.

Benefits for employees

Helping disable people to rise can be a heavy work that can cause occupa-tional injuries among the personnel. When users can sit down and rise without assistance this enables the personnel to engage in other duties.


Seat height:
Adjustable from 36-54 cm

91 cm

72 cm

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